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Our Technology

DNAtix Ecosystem

DNAtix is developing the future ecosystem for Genetics where consumers, researchers, laboratories and clinics meet to use and make Genetics in a more transparent, accessible, applicable and secured manner.

DNAtix Platform

A cutting-edge blockchain-based genetics platform providing anonymous and encrypted genetic services including: analysis, storage, and transfer of digitized DNA sequence through a direct-to-consumer platform.


DNAtix has completed the first Proof Of Concept (POC) test by transferring the complete genome sequence of a virus over the Ethereum Blockchain. This test is a key milestone and the company believes that it is the first time that anyone has successfully transferred a DNA sequence over a blockchain.


The Team

Meet Our Team Members

Ofer Lidsky Picture

OFER A. LIDSKY Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyOfer Lidsky Website

CEO, COFOUNDER, CTO Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

A serial Entrepreneur in the fields of Software Development, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality and Digital Health. Ofer is involved in development of innovative software in the VR, Neurofeedback, Genetics and Education fields. As a Cybersecurity & Cloud expert operating facilities in Israel, Europe and USA. He brings to DNAtix a wealth of entrepreneurial, organizational and leadership skills to scale and ensure the success of this venture. Ofer is also the founder of TerraSafe, Excellent Brain and contributes as a CTO at the Foresight Training Unit, Bar-Ilan University.

Dr. Tal Sines Picture


CSO, COFOUNDER Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

A molecular Biology expert and Patent Attorney, Tal received his PHD from the Weizmann Institute in Israel and has worked as IP Director at T3 at the Technion Research and Development Foundation and at Hadassah Ein Kerem and Hadassah Mount Scopus Hospitals.

Dr. Ichak Adizes Picture


Business Consultant Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Founder and CEO of the Adizes Institute, one of the world’s leading management experts. Wrote 26 published books in 32 languages and awarded eighteen honorary doctorates in business management.

Galit Lidsky Raiman Picture


COO, VP MARKETING Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

As VP Marketing and CAO at Raiman Rocks and in different medical device startup companies, Galit brings diverse experience to her role as COO and cross marketing and development.


Gall Raiman


VP Investors Relations Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Gall brings with him a rich background of entrepreneurial and business development skills. As the CEO of Raiman Rocks Gall is widely experienced in business development, finance and funding.

Dan Fisher Picture


STRATEGIC PLANNING Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

As a Chief Superintendent of operations & Planning for the Strategic and Innovation department of the Israeli police, Dan brings to DNAtix extensive tactical expertise and business experience.

Gili Kopelevich Picture


CAO Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Gili oversees the daily operations and administration. Gili is also the COO at Excellent Brain bringing his business development and organizational skills to DNAtix

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company


COMPUTER SECURITY SPECIALIST Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

As a computer expert and IT infrastructure expert, support and development at Terrasafe, Daniel brings with him cyber expertise and knowledge to his role in DNAtix


Susan Toby Picture


INVESTOR RELATIONS ASIA/PACIFIC Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

As a startup strategic and operational level consultant for 20+ years to private enterprise and government, on initiatives In Education, Energy, Hospitality, Tourism & Retail, Susan brings with her an extensive network leading community development and investors engagement.

Michael Kern Picture


COMMUNITY MANAGER Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

As a news writer, copywriter and editor at Safehaven.com, Oilprice.com, and Crypto Insider, with several years of covering cryptocurrencies, and participating in a number of Initial Token Offerings, Michael brings extensive knowledge of the technology of cryptocurrencies and the geopolitical/ economic implications of adoption.

Peter Wolfgruber Picture


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EUROPE Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan CompanyDnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

As a TV producer, development expert and writer, Peter brings to DNAtix his content development abilities and his vast network of diverse connections empowering the expansion of the DNAtix vision and platform.


Advisory Board

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

DR. PRATIBHA EASTWOOD Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Dr. Pratibha Eastwood Ph.D.is a U. C. Berkley graduate and taught at the California State University Counseling Department. A licensed psychologist, certified therapist, and has developed a software program on numbers. Taught at the Jung Institute in Switzerland and currently conducts workshops and runs a successful private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

RICHARD KASTELEIN Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

ICO adviser, publisher, writer, entrepreneur, Blockchain educator. Founder of industry publication Blockchain News (acquired in 2017) , partner at ICO services collective CryptoAssets Design Group, director of education company Blockchain partners (Oracle partner). Kastelein has spoken (keynotes & panels), and is currently invited to speak at Blockchain conventions around the globe.

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

YEHUDA HANDELSMAN MD, FACP, FNLA, MACE Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Dr. Yehuda Handelsman is the Medical Director and Principal Investigator of the Metabolic Institute of America and an Endocrinologist in solo private practice in Tarzana, California.

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

EITAN KATZ Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Blockchain & Tokenomics expert, HPE software incubator, Innovation management. Entrepreneurship. lean startup. Corporate innovation. Product, strategy planning and implementation. Market analysis, Business development. User Advocacy, Team Building, Hands-on technical and analytic skills.


Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

ALON KARNIEL Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Graduated from law school at Tel Aviv University. Alon was a partner at Tulchisnky Stern Marciano Cohen levtiski & Co. firm, representing companies in financing and M&A transactions. Alon advised private & public companies on corporate, financing and commercial matters.

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

HAGAR TALMOR Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Experienced corporate & commercial lawyer skilled in Venture Capital, Joint Ventures, Capital Markets, Employment law, and Corporate law. Strong legal professional with focus in Banking, Corporate, Finance, and Securities law. Dual Degree - B.A. in Business Administration & ll.B in law from Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya.

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

COOPER MARUYAMA Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Blockchain & Tokenomics expert, blockchain developer, code & software developer.

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Dan Soffer Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

A Fintech veteran currently the General Manager for Verifone Israel and Vice President for services in EEMEA region. Dan held several executive global roles in sales, marketing, business development, and corporate development. He holds a LL.B. and MBA from the Tel-Aviv University.


Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Gilad Goldenberg

Gilad Goldenberg, a highly experienced attorney in pharma and biotechnology, Gilad has academic degrees in Law, Biology and Economics. Was a member of the National Helsinki Committee and is the general counsel of Teva Israel and Teva South Africa.



Keeping Your Genetic Data Anonymous For The First Time In The World

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company

Road Map

Dnatix - Genetics Blockchan Company



DNA is the Code - DNAtix is the Access

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