How DNAtix is Disrupting the Genetics Industry

There’s a common saying that data is life, with the advancement of technology everything seems possible. DNAtix is disrupting both the healthcare and genetic industries by leveraging  advanced blockchain technologies.

Everything is changing around us.  The rise of Genetic Data Storage as also necessary for  a better method of storing this large DNA datasets. .

What is Genetic Data Storage?

Genetic Data Storage is a type of biodata storage that involves the collection of your DNA.

DNAtix will use blockchian tech to improve the way we store and utilize biodata. This new genetic ecosystem will serve as an ecosystem and Portal for GDAPPS (genetic apps), allow anonymous genetic services, propel genetic research to develop new health solutions and more.


Users of the DNAtix platform will be able to store DNA data is a secure environment, the platform offers the three major services which include: analysis, storage, and transfer of digitized DNA sequences through a direct-to-consumer platform.

  • Meaning – The platform will provide easy to understand descriptions for user’s DNA data.
  • Digitization – Users will be able to receive their DNA in a digitized form to their wallet.
  • Genetic Testing – Users of the DNATix platform will be able to run various genetic tests such as lifestyle and wellbeing, genealogy, forensics and medical genetic tests.
  • Solution Providers – DNAtix will offer users the opportunity to get referrals to relevant solution providers per identified genetic conditions.

The platform will allow users to upload and store their biodata, with use of the advanced Blockchain technology DNATix Genetic platform will be able to store large files and provide complete anonymity.


The DNATix wallet is a unique wallet that will allow users to participate in the DNATix Ecosystem. With this wallet users will be able to perform and pay for various genetic services, upload, store, transfer and analyze DNA sequences and receive genetic services in complete anonymity.

How DNAtix is Disrupting the Trillion Dollar Healthcare Industry

Where DNA tests used to cost millions and take years to complete,  they are now only $100 and take hours. This has created a brand new industry, and its growth potential is staggering. It is estimated that by 2020, over 500 million people will have had their DNA sequenced. That’s not only a lot of cash on the table, it’s a lot of data that could be misused or stolen. This is why the DNAtix project is so important. With so much at risk, users want to feel confident in giving up their data.

Additionally, the world’s healthcare industry costs trillions per year. And it is ripe for disrupting. With new genetics tests and data to better treat consumers, there’s no telling what the industry could look like in just a feww years.

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