DNAtix: Tackling Privacy Issues In The Genetics Industry

DNA tests can tell you where your family is from and what health conditions you might be predisposed to get. But the rise of consumer genetics tests has brought up a number of privacy concerns, since they deal with information that’s fundamental and unique to every individual. When it comes to DNA tests, a lot of pertinent information hides in that fine print, including language about who owns your DNA, where your genetic information is going, and what the process of deleting your information from a database entails.

Genetic testing promises a revolution in healthcare. With just a few swabs of saliva, diagnostics can provide an unprecedented look into a person’s family history and potential health risks. Global sales of genetics testing are rising and with tens of thousands of people purchasing at-home testing kits every year. But the industry’s rapid growth rests on a dangerous delusion: that genetic data is kept private. Most people assume this sensitive information simply sits in a secure database, protected from hacks and misuse. FAR FROM IT. Genetic-testing companies cannot guarantee privacy. And many are actively selling user data to outside parties.

This is where DNAtix, a genetics blockchain company, is looking to shake things up.

DNAtix will be creating an entire ecosystem for consumers, service providers and researchers to interact with the privacy of the data being shared as a top priority.

This technological revelation is built on cryptography. Specifically, a system called ‘public-key’ cryptography. It’s the same tech that behind bitcoin.

It is a system of encryption that uses a pair of keys — a private key and a public key. The private key is known only to the user. It ensures the user’s anonymity and allows the user to make secure transactions on the blockchain. The public key is a key that is viewable by everyone. It is used to send or receive transactions on the blockchain.

Using this breakthrough tech, consumers will be able to receive a full genome sequence and store, transfer, test and utilize their DNA sequence as they see fit, with the all the benefits that come with blockchain encryption.

For the first time ever, the customer will be in complete control of their own genetics data.

And not only will consumers be able to enjoy a completely new level of privacy when testing their DNA, they will even be able to anonymously submit their DNA to researchers in exchange for a fee to be paid through DNAtix’s very own cryptocurrency.

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