Frequently Asked Questions

The DNAtix Genetic Vault is a tool for anyone and everyone who has taken a genetic test and wants to keep their results safe and sound.

The DNAtix Genetic Vault is for everyone.

Anyone can use the DNAtix Genetic Vault.

It’s simple! Just follow these quick steps….
1) Register and log in
2) Create your profile
3) Upload your DNA file
4) Review your report and learn more about yourself!

Your raw data is generally downloadable through the company from which you purchased your DNA test.





Currently, users are able to upload and analyze their DNA. Users can also access free anonymous Telegram groups to meet like-minded individuals with similar traits.

DNAtix plans to introduce a new marketplace where users will be able to purchase an array of genetic tests, counseling and more.

The DNAtix Anonymous Genetic Telegram Groups are great places to go to learn more about yourself. You will meet other people with similar genetic make-up. This will allow you to communicate with others who have different genetic affinities.

The DNAtix Anonymous Genetic Telegram Groups can help by offering unique insights into a number of different illnesses and personality traits. Community members may also be able to lend their support with any questions you might have regarding any of your traits!

Your profile is simply a way to keep all of your information together in one place. You’ll be able to access all of your genetic details, store your compressed DNA data, and much more!.

First, you need to activate the two-factor authentication in your profile. Then, when you attempt to log in, you will receive a code either via email or text message. Simply enter that code on the site, and you’re in!

The DNAtix Anonymous Genetic Telegram Groups is completely anonymous. The platform is backed by DLT technology and advanced security measures of the highest standard to ensure your most-precious data is safe and sound.

Currently, users can upload their genetic sequences from four different websites:

MyHeritage.com, 23AndMe.com, Ancestry.com, and FamilyTreeDNA.com.