How DNAtix is Transforrming the Genetics Industry

Genomics has finally hit the blockchain, and with it comes an exciting new opportunity to store, transfer and utilize your DNA in an entirely new way.

Before, lack of privacy was one of the biggest hurdles for many people wanting to have their genomic data recorded or tested, but thanks to blockchain technology, anyone will be able to securely upload partial or full genome sequences with the DNAtix platform.
“DNAtix is offering a new level of privacy l by testing highly sensitive DNA data with the first blockchain ecosystem solution for anonymous genetic services,” said Ofer A. Lidsky, DNAtix CEO and CTO. “Anonymity and the fact that the client owns his genetic information will help so many people really utilize genetics testing and research.”

The DNAtix Ecosystem

For the first time ever, consumers are in complete control of their genomic data, and with DNAtix’s brand new platform, users are able participate in genetic research or even transfer full DNA sequences for testing with complete anonymity.

To ensure this privacy and security, DNAtix has designed a “genetic wallet” that will facilitate the transfer of tokens used within the DNAtix ecosystem in order to pay for or receive payments for genetic tests and more. The token will be used to make transfers, purchase tests and more.
It works like this: Users will purchase a test kit, and a brand-new wallet will be created on the DNAtix platform. The kit and the wallet will be connected through a cryptographic code. In using the wallet, users essentially become a code in the system, with their identity remaining anonymous.
Thanks to this system, not even DNAtix knows who its users are.
From there, users can participate in the DNAtix ecosystem built on blockchain technology without fear of third parties selling their data, hackers stealing their genetic code or worse.

But that’s only the beginning…

With the DNAtix platform, users will be able to work together in entirely new ways, potentially even ushering in a new era of genetics research.
The platform will enable users to build entirely new applications called GDAPPS (Genetic Distributed Applications) for new kinds of tests, experiments and other groundbreaking research previously not thought possible. With this new platform, DNAtix intends to be the first to securely bring unsourced full genome sequencing into the mainstream through a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform.

And they’ve already got a track record of innovation.
DNAtix was the first company ever to successfully transfer a full genetic sequence over the Ethereum blockchain thanks to their innovative open-sourced compression algorithm. With this technological breakthrough, users can compress DNA to 25 percent of its original size, opening the possibility of transferring genetic data with current blockchain technologies. As a second proof of concept, DNAtix has transferred a chromosome on the Hyperledger Fabric after fragmenting it to shorter segments.

No signs of slowing…

DNAtix has an ambitious mission to give the power of genetics back to the people to whom it really belongs. And with each of these major milestones and high-profile partnerships, DNAtix is picking up speed.

With a team of genetics experts, blockchain developers, and tech gurus backing them, DNAtix is building a new world of genetic possibilities, with the potential to unlock a some of humanity’s biggest mysteries in the process.