The DNAtix Genetic Ecosystem

Breakthroughs in genetic understanding have changed the world’s perspective on medicine. Where treatment used to be reactive, now individuals are able to actively identify and prevent health risks before they even arise.

DNAtix intends to take this one step further — to create an entire genetic ecosystem that will open new doors in preventative and personalized medicine.

This ecosystem will allow consumers to store, test, and interact with their full digital DNA sequences in ways previously not thought possible. Additionally, it will empower researchers, genetic counselors, and healthcare providers in finding new treatments for some of humanity’s most complex illnesses.

The DNAtix genetics ecosystem will bring some of the brightest minds on the planet together in one place for the first time ever. Application developers, computer engineers, and token miners will be able to work with genetics professionals to create new blockchain-based apps that will provide consumers with an array of genetics tests that could potentially change medicine as we know it.

With this exciting new infrastructure, developers will be able to create sophisticated applications to test genome sequences, compare genetics, and create big data algorithms essential in identifying and treating any number of illnesses.

Additionally, consumers will be able to transfer their data in order to receive genetic counseling, contribute to research, and perform tests to better understand their past, present, and future.

And because it will all be built on blockchain technology, consumers can rest assured that their data will remain anonymous and pure.

The DNAtix genetic ecosystem also offers an opportunity for cryptocurrency miners looking to participate in the evolution of medicine. Miners will be a vital part of the community, supporting the ecosystem and profiting in the process.

DNAtix has an ambitious plan — to change the face of healthcare as we know it, giving power back to the people in the process.